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Who am I?

You must be wondering who I am to have wandered to this page on my site.

Well, hello there. I'm Marie, who's currently residing in Perth, Western Australia.
I come from a close-knitted family of five, and I'm the middle child (oh the dreaded middle-child-syndrome).

Have been blogging ever since 2004, but due to my perfectionist self, I've been jumping from blog to blog seeking a new start. What not many people know about me is the fact that I have mild OCD and spend most of my time organising and planning my life in detail. Hence, the start of this blog, as I wanted a space to organise my thoughts so that I can look back on it in the near future. My blog posts consists of my personal lifestyle, travel, advice and everything else. Do check out my entries if these topics are of interest to you.

I have great fascination in Psychology, and read up on this whenever I have free time on my hands. I've been told by many that I have cognitive empathy, which allows me to use this knowledge to its greatest potential. I'm Aunt Agony to many, always being there for those who need it and helping them get through tough times in life. You'll never know what difference you can make in someone else's life just by offering a listening ear.

If you ever need someone to talk to, please don't feel like you're alone.
You can shoot me an email at exuvalia@hotmail.com.

List of skills

Always fascinated with languages, most particularly Asian languages (namely Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese and Indonesian), markup languages, as well as computer programming languages.

Language Proficiency Writing Speaking Listening Reading
English Fluent    ✔    ✔    ✔    ✔
Mandarin Advanced    ✖    ✔    ✔    ✔
Japanese Conversational    ✔    ✔    ✖    ✖
Korean Conversational    ✔    ✔    ✖    ✔
Cantonese Conversational    ✖    ✔    ✔    ✔
Indonesian Beginner    ✔    ✔    ✖    ✔

Taught myself HTML and CSS, and as of present, I'm trying to get the hang of Javascript.
Fact: Coded this layout all on my own, with help from a coding book that my best friend bought for me.

Language Type
HTML Advanced
CSS Intermediate
Javascript Beginner

My Travels

I have travelled to several places around in the world, such as Singapore, Taiwan (the best country in the world), Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Macau. Hoping to travel to Japan and Korea in the near future.
Country Number of times
Australia -
China 3
Hong Kong 5
Macau 1
Malaysia 5
Singapore 5
Taiwan 7


To end this off, let me insert a weird fact about myself. Or in fact, several. I have OCD, and I'm a perfectionist. Doing household chores really helps me to release stress and feel much lighter. Being organised is extremely important to me, and I spend most of my time ensuring that everything in my life is in order.

The files on my computer are all sorted according to their purpose, my emails are arranged in their respective categories, and the same goes for the applications on my iPhone.


As you can see above, the applications installed on my phone are placed in their respective categories.
Custom categories are arranged in alphabetical order, from A to Z.
Each category has applications displayed according to the colour spectrum.

It's a breeze to find the applications I need, because they are all in their rightful place. Just the way I like it.

About Me

Hello, I'm Marie.
Perth, Western Australia.

A daughter, a sister, a friend.
You can find out more about me here.

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