Matching Grey

It has been a while since I've taken pictures for my OOTD posts. Due to the current scorching weather, as well as the lack of space, it makes it an arduous task to arrange for a photoshoot to take place. Took the opportunity to do so when I was asked to house-sit for my parents two weeks ago, as they left for a trip to Bangkok for several days.

Sadly, the pictures did not turn out as I had expected, as the tripod stand for my DSLR refused to cooperate. Anyway, I spotted this two-piece set from an online store based in China, except it was priced at $110 AUD. Decided to give it a pass, despite the fact that I really wanted to give it a good home. So pleased that I made the right decision, as I stumbled across the same outfit on a Singapore blogshop. The best part was that it was priced 30% cheaper, including shipping. Score!

Outfit: Grey Damask Knit Two-Piece from Drmers and Black Faux Leather Cap from Mossman

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  1. good bargain for you! :) it looks awesome on you! Happy New Year dear! :))